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PhD Procrasticleaning


Today’s research: 100%* of PhD candidates confirm that so called procrasticleaning is a crucial first step towards actual PhD writing.


*this study is based on a random sample of three research students

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More of Eastern Samar…

Great photos from Maya, which give a pretty good impression of what I saw in Guiuan a few weeks before she arrived. 🙂

Had we but world enough and time...

Sunset over the UN Hub


Some pics of community members clearing fallen coconut trees as part of a cash-for-work scheme, which will clear the land ready for crop planting, and also reclaim the good trunks that can be processed into lumber for house rebuilding.




This church had the most amazing bells made out of old oxygen tanks!


Amazing colours at sunset


My afternoon as a judge on the Radyo Bakdaw Karaoke competition!




Very impressed with the UN driver’s lounge!


The “Freedom Wall” at Mary Lou’s Bar – we started a bit of a trend there….


The fabulous Justice Bus….


The San Juanico bridge – one of the longest bridges in South East Asia, connecting Samar island with Leyte island.


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Diving in Pearl Island

Unfortunately not much diving around Guiuan, Philippines… Too much dynamite fishing destroyed most of the coral and then the typhoon did the rest. Here’s a nice post on diving around Pearl Island.

Life in the Great Beyond

Stitched Panorama Pearl Island before destruction from Typhoon Yolanda. Photo credits to http://www.fotocommunity.de von Herr Martin Schaublin. Danke viel mals!

An off-beaten site, I haven’t even heard or read about the spot and we only knew we were going there when we were already on the boat for our scheduled dives.

“Where do we go today? Asking in wonder our DM, whom we just met that morning.
“To Pearl Island!” He blurted briefly with no further description about the mysterious island.

It is just one of the islets off Guiuan, Eastern Samar and coming to this town was just a detour when Biliran province was just hit by typhoon. The lone dive shop in the province cancelled our weekend dives accordingly.

The morning skies was down cast and I was crossing my fingers the waters would be considerate enough for the dives. We were fortunate, Angel found a DM on the web…

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Sunset Bliss in Guiuan

Only nature can paint these colours and get away with it. Guiuan, Philippines

Only nature can paint these colours and get away with it. Guiuan, Philippines




Housemates: Minimum of Four Legs

My favourite housemate: Bob the baby gecko

My favourite housemate: Bob the baby gecko

It’s been a little over a week  that I’ve moved into my comfy plywood walled Villa Kunterbunt and there’s been a lot happening. The first two typhoons passed Guiuan, luckily they stayed on the water and didn’t make landfall in Guiuan. Still they were pretty depressing – amazing how much noise rain can make on a metal roof such as on Villa Kunterbunt. You can find short a snapshot on my first two typhoons here. Except for that, my housemates have continued to accumulate.

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One more Beautiful Bougainvillea

One more Beautiful Bougainvillea

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Welcome to Guiuan – Welcome to Typhoon Season

Part of my news emergency provisions after typhoon Glenda.

Part of my news emergency provisions after typhoon Glenda.

Doing research on disaster resilience I shouldn’t have been surprised when pretty much right after I arrived in Guiuan, Eastern Samar we were warned of the first typhoon. It’s typhoon season you see. From 25 up to 50 typhoons are counted each year in the Philippines and so currently the typhoon Henry is drumming on my roof.

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