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Cinema Snug – free films and delicious treats at the Playhouse

The Playhouse bar started a new series of films, shown throughout January and February 2012 for free. The Playhouse Bar staff each present their personal two favourite films Sunday afternoons in the Playroom of the Playhouse.

Free films at the Playhouse Bar

Cinema Snug is a wonderful way of spending your Sunday afternoon on a different couch than your own. For the screenings there are additional sofas and seats brought into the Playroom, but for the popular films you might end up sitting on a cushion on the floor, as it tends to get quite crowded, so make sure to be on time.

The programme is varied and includes everything ranging from classics, such as Casablanca, over French favourites like Amélie and Micmac to American horror films as Lost Boys. Most films are screened in their original language, with subtitles. The audience is just as mixed as the programme, providing a nice atmosphere to have a chat in the adjacent Playhouse Bar, about how hilarious the character was that Danny Boon played in Micmac.

Additionally to the typical drinks available at your usual bar around the corner the Playhouse Bar offers a wide variety of herbal infusions with not so common flavours as lavender or dandelion. Moreover, there’s delicious hot cider on the winter menu, with just enough Chilli to warm you up on a cold day. Delectable nibbles that can be bought at the bar include home made rocky road, heavenly chocolate brownies and other tasty baked goods.

Further information on times, dates and film titles on the Playhouse Bar website.



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