Living in Bangkok: A room with a view

Finding a more permanent place to stay in Bangkok (BKK) is not easy. Some ask ridiculous prices, others only rent out their apartments for six months plus. With the help of my colleagues I started my quest for a room…

A room with a view, Saphan Khwai, Bangkok

For the first four nights in BKK I stayed in three different places. One night, couch surfing, one night, at my colleagues place and two nights in the hostel of horrors.

Looking at the floor in my little cave at the hostel of horrors led me to the firm belief that everything that falls onto this floor and isn’t packed in some sort of protective cover should immediately be disposed off. Best burned, for the better of human kind. If I had followed through with this I would now be missing my wallet, a hairband and my left foot.

So, after having to wonder each day where I would be staying to night and what I should pack into my daily rucksack I was quite keen to finally unpack. Accordingly I was extremely happy when two of my lovely colleagues took a day to go flat hunting with me.

I quite quickly dismissed the first two places in walking distance of my office. The landlady of the first place immediately had Baht signs in her eyes when she heard the room was for a Farang and made up a fantasy rule about having to keep the deposit if I happened to move out after less than two months which she knew I would have to as I’m only staying for two months – none of the other places did that. Although a few asked for higher rent when tenants only stayed a few months.

The second room was fine, but let me describe the area in which our office is. Imagine a six-lane street and a few industrial stores around it. And at this image you may stop, because that’s it. No street food, no temple, nothing even slightly remote of the fact, that this is actually Thailand. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great place if you want to buy a Maserati or a little bulldozer.

So after dragging my lovely colleagues through the afternoon heat of BKK I found the area I wanted to live it – Saphan Khwai (Buffalo Bridge). Unfortunately we only found the area and not an apartment. So it took another colleague (the one who kindly hosted me with his wife and therefore saved me from another horrible hostel) to walk around and finally find a room.

It is really just that. A room. Well, it does have a bed, a wardrobe and a make up table (in German there is a very fitting phrase: elegantly the world perishes), that both have seen better days.

It’s hard to find a room in Bangkok, but finally I found this place, it even has a balcony.

But it also has a tiny bathroom with a cold shower and an even tinier balcony with the sink that didn’t fit ,into the bathroom. No Air Condition, no fan, no fridge, no TV, however also a really low electricity bill I reckon.

In my view it’s perfect, clean tiles, fourth floor view and the location is amazing. Just close by is a temple with a school. The next street is overflowing with a wide variety of street food just waiting to be savored. And as if that wasn’t enough there is also a massage salon and a BTS station from which I can easily reach most areas of BKK.



3 comments on “Living in Bangkok: A room with a view

  1. at least, you’re safe, in big town. have space for thinking and writing a good story for us!

  2. could you please take a photo of “a view”? because now we just have a room!… Thank you ^_^

  3. Thanks for the comments. You’re absolutely right! I just added a picture of the fantastic view I have from my room 🙂

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