Thai Food Part 1: The perfect start to any morning: Thai Breakfast

One of the Thai classics: Pad Thai

I know there have been whole books and blogs on this subject. But I cannot keep from writing about this anyhow: Thai Food!

If you can’t have Thai Food after reading this blog, maybe keep it for another time, you have been warned. If you’re a vegan you might want to skip this one as well.

This was supposed to be one post, but I just couldn’t write less than four pages, so it’ll be a trilogy.

I love food in general. That being said, you should know that I partly grew up in China and was raised strictly (and happily) abiding by the rule of ‘try everything at least once’.

From what I’ve been told, I don’t think my parents needed to enforce this rule very much as they were both setting great food aficionadas examples. Let’s just say, I enjoyed my first oyster before attending primary school and when I was twelve deep fried chicken feet seemed a natural snack choice.

Knowing this, it is easy to comprehend, that I was VERY excited, when, after weeks of very realistic day dreams of Tom Kha Gai and Som Dam, my feet and a grumbling stomach finally touched Thai ground.

So, open your mind, heart and stomach and get ready for a mouth-watering introduction to my favourite foods. I will try my best to be concise but I can’t promise anything, because this, my friends, is my passion. There is a wonderful German phrase that love ‘comes through the stomach’, meaning that you can win somebody over through feeding them delicious food. I find this not only a wonderful image but also quite true.

My perfect morning starts with pork belly

Food that goes straight to the heart (and blocks your main arteries while making you very happy)

Lets start with breakfast. One option would be Gai Jiao: A golden deep fried omelette on top of a pile of fresh rice. The omelette, all fluffy and made of at least three eggs, is spiced with different sauces and you can ask for different ingredients, such as a variety of fresh mushrooms, delicious fatty Thai sausage, prawns, meat or anything else that’s currently on offer. You then spice the dish up with sweet chilli sauce, fish sauce and/or pepper.

Let me just introduce one other heartbreakingly delicious breakfast dish. Heartbreakingly delicious, because I won’t be able to eat it in England. My arteries are a bit relieved though I have to admit, because this dish goes straight to your main artery and blocks it. Delectable thin strips of the crispiest of crisp deep fried pork belly (from the mouth to the heart in more than one sense). Close your eyes and imagine crunching the salty, crispy goodness with a bit of sticky rice… Ah, a morning can hardly start any better than this!

My new favourite beverage (if there aren’t any fresh fruit juices) to go with all meals next to still water is black sesame soymilk. The mild milky taste with the hint of sesame compliments any well spiced dish and can even help you over some of the chillies if you went a bit wild with the different coloured chillies found on any proper Thai table.

Another breakfast option is always rice congee. Usually this is served with a soft egg inside and either, meatballs, intestines or fishy stuff, or all of that. I do like congee from time to time and my body probably is happy for me to take a break from all the other fatty stuff. Though I have to say this cannot compete with the pork belly.

no deep fried food this morning? Try some congee.


3 comments on “Thai Food Part 1: The perfect start to any morning: Thai Breakfast

  1. Crispy deep fried pork belly is deliciously sinful but I admit it made my Thai travel more interesting and stimulating!;) I think food from Thailand is one of the best tasty dishes I’ve eaten in my entire life. Can I try that black sesame soymilk in Bangkok?;)

  2. Hi,
    thanks for the comment. I absolutely agree, Thai cuisine is among the best in the world 🙂 I’m already stocking up on spices to send to Europe so I can eat some Thai food when I’m back. And yes, the black sesame soy milk can be bought in any 7/11 in Bangkok. 🙂

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