Dreaming of the vast Mongolian landscape? Baby Nomad in Mongolia

a dream of the vast Mongolian Landscape? Baby Nomad in Mongolia

The parents of this adorable baby gracefully invited us into their yurt for a big pot of Airag (fermented mares milk). All the while the adults were drinking the Mongolian version of beer, this little one was sweetly sleeping.

Central Mongolia, close to Kharkhorin


11 comments on “Dreaming of the vast Mongolian landscape? Baby Nomad in Mongolia

  1. ..oh, my god..the cheeks on this baby!..just the epitome of cheeks..:)

  2. Wow! you have traveled in some very interesting places. Look forward to reading /seeing more.

    • thanks! Yes, I’ve been very lucky with being able to do some freelance jobs and move around quite a bit 🙂

      • Nice! I am dreaming of visiting Mongolia and also the ‘Stans’ They seem like some of the more under-discovered and under-appreciated parts of the world. What do you work in?

      • Can highly recommend Mongolia! Heard lots of good stuff of the Stans.
        I’m working on some more posts about my Mongolian adventure as well, so there should be some more info soon ;).

        I’m currently working as an editor for an online zine that translates Chinese blogs into German (www.stimmen-aus-china.de) and am starting a PhD in England this autumn. Before that freelanced fro some NGOs and media outlets. How about you?

      • Quite similar actually (I was wondering). I work in human rights and development, have worked in North Africa and Central America mainly, doing research/project management etc. Been branching out more into writing and journalism on those subjects recently. You can see more of that on my other blog: http://www.writingonrights.wordpress.com
        I did a master’s (in London) last year which I really enjoyed but decided to hold off before jumping into a PhD. Good luck for yours!

      • ah, what a coincidence 😀 sounds great! yes, I wasn’t quite sure about the PhD, but then was offered a scholarship and thought why not, since it’s a topic I’m really passionate about (media and natural disasters). Thanks and good luck with the journalism stuff.

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