Travel Theme: Foliage

To stay in a treehouse was another dream I fulfilled this summer on the beautiful island of Koh Samed, Thailand. It’s absolutely wonderful to walk up the crooked stairs and practically go to sleep on top of a tree with little bird surrounding serenading you while the sun sets over the ocean…

For this weeks Travel Theme “Foliage” I picked three different photos from three different countries. Thanks to Ailsa for inviting me to take part in the travel theme. Check out her website for the other travel theme photos!



After the golden desert of the Gobi I traveled to central Mongolia where the landscape was filled with succulent green foliage.


Autumn was starting just before I left Ulan-Ude Siberia and many trees had turned into a beautiful gold already.





6 comments on “Travel Theme: Foliage

  1. I so envy you for the treehouse! 😀

  2. Lovely – that treehouse is pretty cool!

  3. […] Travel Theme: Foliage (vivianesview.wordpress.com) […]

  4. […] Travel Theme: Foliage (vivianesview.wordpress.com) […]

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