Travel Theme: Liquid

My favourite place at the University of East Anglia – the lake behind the main buildings.
Norwich, UK

As I am a great friend of water, I had a hard time picking out photos for this theme. I finally settled on photos from England and Siberia.
Hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for Ailsa for another great travel theme.  Make sure to check out her website for more photos and maybe upload some yourself.

The most beautiful place at the University of East Anglia.
Norwich, UK

I love this photo because it reminds me how my friend and I screamed when going for a swim in the very very cold  waters of lake Baikal.
Maximiha, Lake Baikal, Sibiria
September 2012

I have hardly ever seen water as crystal clear as those of lake Baikal.
Maximiha, Lake Baikal, Siberia


6 comments on “Travel Theme: Liquid

  1. Gorgeous photos, my dear. And I love the idea of a travel theme. Am going to try to animate myself into doing something along those lines too – you’ve inspired me! x

  2. I love the stories that go with the photos. I couldn’t have gone in that water!

    • Thanks Naomi, I’m just typing up a longer blog post on the trans-siberian railway so, feel free to drop by for some more scribbles.
      And, yeah, I had to force myself to get further into the water the first time too, but then it’s an incredibly great feeling. I liked it so much I went for a swim in England in October, wasn’t as cold as lake Baikal though

      • Hi Viv, thanks for the follow. I just signed up to follow you because 1.) I really like your blog, and 2.) I really want to hear all about your Trans-Siberian Railway!!!!

      • Hi Naomi,
        thanks so much. That gives me new motivation to type off everything I wrote on the train and edit it. First post should be there in a few days. Have a lovely Thursday,

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