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PhD Procrasticleaning

PhD Procrasticleaning

  Today’s research: 100%* of PhD candidates confirm that so called procrasticleaning is a crucial first step towards actual PhD writing. *this study is based on a random sample of three research students Advertisements

Viv’s View nominated for Liebster Blog Award

I’m very happy, and also a wee bit proud to announce that *drum roll* Viv’s View has been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by Esengas Voice (first award nomination ever). So first and foremost thank you for the nomination. Make sure to stop by her blog, that delights with a wide variety of great photos, […]

Morin Khuur Hunt – How to… …find a horse fiddle teacher in Ulan-Ude

Since I first listened to the Mongolian horse-fiddle in a Siberian yurt two years ago, I’ve wanted to learn how to play the Morin Khuur. After buying a horse fiddle in Ulanbaatar, Mongolia I now “just” needed to find a teacher in Buryatia, Siberia.

It’s a long way to the Gobi, especially when things happen to your bus

A journey to the Gobi with public Mongolian transport can be quite the adventure. Especially when the drive is about 16 hours long and over night.

A ride on the Trans-Mongolian Railway

A ride on the Trans-Mongolian Railway

After one of the unfriendliest cab drivers I’ve encountered in Beijing refused to drive me a bit closer to the entrance of the station I heaved my 23kg heavy and 30 years old Samsonite out of the trunk and into the rain.

Mini Break in Thailand: Dive into relaxation on Koh Tao

Nirvana is playing in the background, a cold bottle of Chang beer next to my laptop on the wooden table and one of my best friends M. is on the bench reading my book. While the bar is filling up with the local expats and other people waiting for the train, I am reminiscing on […]

Thai Food Part II: Lovely lunch, scrumptious snacks and delectable din dins à la Thai

These dishes can be eaten for lunch or dinner and most of them are served for breakfast too. I’m going to refrain from telling you about the full on classics, such as Tom Yum soup or Pad Thai and focus more on the dishes that are not the first a tourist yells when you say […]