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Housemates: Minimum of Four Legs

It’s been a little over a week  that I’ve moved into my comfy plywood walled Villa Kunterbunt and there’s been a lot happening. The first two typhoons passed Guiuan, luckily they stayed on the water and didn’t make landfall in Guiuan. Still they were pretty depressing – amazing how much noise rain can make on […]

Academic Kitty

“Yes, I can read and write! So what?!” said the little cat. Viv is back from her journey to Senegal, so stay tuned for some new stories and photos.

Hello Mongolian Camels!


Dog Siesta – Thai dogs adapting to warm weather

  What looks like an experiment from ThaiPBS growing dogs in the garden, is actually smart stray dogs living on and around the compound that have a siesta in the holes they dug for themselves to escape the heat. Extreme weather fosters creativity.