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Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

Though I’ve been fortunate enough to visit quite a few magical places that would be fitting for this weeks photo challenge, I decided on this photo from Bangkok, Thailand. Advertisements

Buddha Lotus in Thailand

  As I am currently in Germany and it is rainy here is a little reminder that there is lovelier weather somewhere else and after rain there will be sunshine.  Bangkok, Thailand.

My new friend, the wooden Buddhist monk

My new friend, the wooden Buddhist monk

I found this lovely monk puppet all alone in a tiny store close to the river in Bangkok and just had to take him with me. Now he will travel the world a bit further and is kindly smiling on my typing from the top of the wardrobe.

Mini Break in Thailand: Dive into relaxation on Koh Tao

Nirvana is playing in the background, a cold bottle of Chang beer next to my laptop on the wooden table and one of my best friends M. is on the bench reading my book. While the bar is filling up with the local expats and other people waiting for the train, I am reminiscing on […]

Wise Old Statue at Thai Buddhist Temple

Wise Old Statue at Thai Buddhist Temple

One of many beautiful stone statues at Buddhist temple Wat Poh in Bangkok, Thailand.

Makeshift Buddhist Offering

Makeshift Buddhist Offering

Lacking an alternative I don’t think the deities will mind me using a Leo beer can as incense holder (especially considering how Vodka is a common offering in for example Buryatia).

Guanyin at the River Kwai

Guanyin at the River Kwai

View from THE bridge on the river Kwai at sunset. Kanchanaburi, Thailand