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Trans-Siberian Diary – Day Four

September 27th 2012 some time around 08:30? Who knows we crossed so many timezones… I woke up at 7.00 to the reassuring rattling of the train and the relative silence of approximately 50 other people sleeping soundly in their bunk beds in wagon 15. I love taking sleeper trains, I usually sleep wonderfully and wake up with the glorious sensation […]

Good morning Guinness in Thailand!


Leftover from lunch?

Leftover from lunch?

Pretty much anywhere in Mongolia people are leaving their trash behind, luckily in the Steppe trash mostly consist of lunch leftovers (so mutton skulls and other bones).

Near Tsenker, Central Mongolia

Thai Food Part II: Lovely lunch, scrumptious snacks and delectable din dins à la Thai

These dishes can be eaten for lunch or dinner and most of them are served for breakfast too. I’m going to refrain from telling you about the full on classics, such as Tom Yum soup or Pad Thai and focus more on the dishes that are not the first a tourist yells when you say […]

Angry Birds Fishcake: Happy Meal Thai Style

I found this great snack assortment at a street food stall in front of a school around Ekkamai in Bangkok. Three chips (or fries, depending where you’re from), deep fried prawn, fish and something that was tasty but I have no idea what it was and the piece de resistance– Angry Birds shaped fishcake!  

Thai Food Part 1: The perfect start to any morning: Thai Breakfast

I know there have been whole books and blogs on this subject. But I cannot keep from writing about this anyhow: Thai Food! If you can’t have Thai Food after reading this blog, maybe keep it for another time, you have been warned. If you’re a vegan you might want to skip this one as well. […]