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A lovely thing to see: through the paper window’s hole, the Galaxy. (Issa) Your flower today is from Norwich. Advertisements

Bienvenue a Dakar! Welcome to Dakar – First impressions from my first visit to Senegal

First Conference day in Senegal: Indecent offers: two, power-cuts: one, adventure factor: great.

Dear Snow, sorry, but I think we should stop seeing each other.

Dear Snow, This is really hard for me to tell you… Let me start by saying it’s truly not you, it’s me! You are very beautiful and your ability to make even the ugliest things look pretty has always impressed me. However, I feel that we don’t really fit together. Like today, when you made […]

Travel Theme: Liquid

My favourite place at the University of East Anglia – the lake behind the main buildings. Norwich, UK As I am a great friend of water, I had a hard time picking out photos for this theme. I finally settled on photos from England and Siberia. Hope you enjoy them. Thanks for Ailsa for another […]

Autumn in England

Couchsurfing in Norwich


A film made by my friends and I on Couchsurfing in Norwich.

Cinema Snug – free films and delicious treats at the Playhouse

The Playhouse bar started a new series of films, shown throughout January and February 2012 for free. The Playhouse Bar staff each present their personal two favourite films Sunday afternoons in the Playroom of the Playhouse.