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Trans-Siberian Diary – Day Five

September 28th 2012 , some ungodly hour in the morning. Hours to Moscow: 0,5. It’s the last day on the train. Though I’m exhilarated to soon have a decent meal, a hot shower and of course my family and friends I’m a bit sad to leave the train and especially to say goodbye to my […]

Trans-Siberian Diary – Day Four

September 27th 2012 some time around 08:30? Who knows we crossed so many timezones… I woke up at 7.00 to the reassuring rattling of the train and the relative silence of approximately 50 other people sleeping soundly in their bunk beds in wagon 15. I love taking sleeper trains, I usually sleep wonderfully and wake up with the glorious sensation […]

Trans-Siberian Diary – Day Three

September 26th 2012 08:45 (10:45 in Ulan-Ude). More than half way there. So about 50 hours left? I slightly lost count. We’ve already passed through two time zones and it slowly starts to feel like my journey is trickling to its end. It’s nice to journey back to Europe so slowly. It gives me a […]

Trans-Siberian Railway Diary – Day Two

12:36, September 25th 2012, 21 hours down, 89 hours to go till Moscow. The first night wasn’t nearly as cosy as I had hoped for based on my experience from train rides in China and Mongolia. The lights were on till late and my nose got so clogged up from the heat I could hardly breathe. On top of […]

Trans-Siberian Railway Diary – Day One

September, 24, 2012. One hour down and 100.4 hours to go – 101.4 hours to Moscow. All of them on a train. The trans-Siberian railway to be precise.

Travel Theme: Liquid

My favourite place at the University of East Anglia – the lake behind the main buildings. Norwich, UK As I am a great friend of water, I had a hard time picking out photos for this theme. I finally settled on photos from England and Siberia. Hope you enjoy them. Thanks for Ailsa for another […]

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