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It’s totally safe, but be careful – on the safety of a lone woman traveling Senegal

June 2013. With about a weeks notice and time to plan I prepared for my journey to Senegal. Ten days in Dakar for a workshop and then about two weeks of traveling through the country. I had never been to Senegal before or any other African country, so this was absolutely new territory for me. Advertisements

A week around the endless landscape of the Gobi – a truly amazing adventure

August 2012. After a day in Ulan-Baater I spontaneously decided to go on a trip to the Gobi desert with some people I met at the first night in my little home stay style hostel. Why not I think, I got three weeks and no plans except for wanting to try fermented horse milk, buy […]

Bienvenue a Dakar! Welcome to Dakar – First impressions from my first visit to Senegal

First Conference day in Senegal: Indecent offers: two, power-cuts: one, adventure factor: great.

Trans-Siberian Diary – Day Four

September 27th 2012 some time around 08:30? Who knows we crossed so many timezones… I woke up at 7.00 to the reassuring rattling of the train and the relative silence of approximately 50 other people sleeping soundly in their bunk beds in wagon 15. I love taking sleeper trains, I usually sleep wonderfully and wake up with the glorious sensation […]

Trans-Siberian Railway Diary – Day Two

12:36, September 25th 2012, 21 hours down, 89 hours to go till Moscow. The first night wasn’t nearly as cosy as I had hoped for based on my experience from train rides in China and Mongolia. The lights were on till late and my nose got so clogged up from the heat I could hardly breathe. On top of […]

A ride on the Trans-Mongolian Railway

A ride on the Trans-Mongolian Railway

After one of the unfriendliest cab drivers I’ve encountered in Beijing refused to drive me a bit closer to the entrance of the station I heaved my 23kg heavy and 30 years old Samsonite out of the trunk and into the rain.

Our Mao Zedong

Our Mao Zedong

Speeding through Chengdu in a sanlunche (motorised tricycle).