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Housemates: Minimum of Four Legs

It’s been a little over a week  that I’ve moved into my comfy plywood walled Villa Kunterbunt and there’s been a lot happening. The first two typhoons passed Guiuan, luckily they stayed on the water and didn’t make landfall in Guiuan. Still they were pretty depressing – amazing how much noise rain can make on […]

Welcome to Guiuan – Welcome to Typhoon Season

Welcome to Guiuan – Welcome to Typhoon Season

Doing research on disaster resilience I shouldn’t have been surprised when pretty much right after I arrived in Guiuan, Eastern Samar we were warned of the first typhoon. It’s typhoon season you see. From 25 up to 50 typhoons are counted each year in the Philippines and so currently the typhoon Henry is drumming on […]

It’s totally safe, but be careful – on the safety of a lone woman traveling Senegal

June 2013. With about a weeks notice and time to plan I prepared for my journey to Senegal. Ten days in Dakar for a workshop and then about two weeks of traveling through the country. I had never been to Senegal before or any other African country, so this was absolutely new territory for me.

A week around the endless landscape of the Gobi – a truly amazing adventure

August 2012. After a day in Ulan-Baater I spontaneously decided to go on a trip to the Gobi desert with some people I met at the first night in my little home stay style hostel. Why not I think, I got three weeks and no plans except for wanting to try fermented horse milk, buy […]

Bienvenue a Dakar! Welcome to Dakar – First impressions from my first visit to Senegal

First Conference day in Senegal: Indecent offers: two, power-cuts: one, adventure factor: great.

Trans-Siberian Diary – Day Four

September 27th 2012 some time around 08:30? Who knows we crossed so many timezones… I woke up at 7.00 to the reassuring rattling of the train and the relative silence of approximately 50 other people sleeping soundly in their bunk beds in wagon 15. I love taking sleeper trains, I usually sleep wonderfully and wake up with the glorious sensation […]

Trans-Siberian Railway Diary – Day Two

12:36, September 25th 2012, 21 hours down, 89 hours to go till Moscow. The first night wasn’t nearly as cosy as I had hoped for based on my experience from train rides in China and Mongolia. The lights were on till late and my nose got so clogged up from the heat I could hardly breathe. On top of […]