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A Faint Memory of Summer – Thailand

Weather in England is currently refusing to acknowledge that according to the calendar it is spring time. So, I thought I’d share a few photos from last year in Thailand. Advertisements

Hello Mongolian Camels!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

August 2012, Hongerin Els, The Gobi Desert, Mongolia.

Weekly Photo Challenge: NEAR AND FAR

Weekly Photo Challenge: NEAR AND FAR

On the way to the Volcano.

Central Mongolia

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staring at the ceiling can be fun – at least when it’s the ceiling of a yurt in Mongolia

staring at the ceiling can be fun - at lest when it's the  ceiling of a yurt in Mongolia

Nomadic yurt, Central Mongolia

Dreaming of the vast Mongolian landscape? Baby Nomad in Mongolia

a dream of the vast Mongolian Landscape? Baby Nomad in Mongolia

The parents of this adorable baby gracefully invited us into their yurt for a big pot of Airag (fermented mares milk). All the while the adults were drinking the Mongolian version of beer, this little one was sweetly sleeping.

Central Mongolia, close to Kharkhorin

Leftover from lunch?

Leftover from lunch?

Pretty much anywhere in Mongolia people are leaving their trash behind, luckily in the Steppe trash mostly consist of lunch leftovers (so mutton skulls and other bones).

Near Tsenker, Central Mongolia